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Throughout the month of January, Fayetteville experienced numerous motor vehicle accidents. Some of the collisions produced minor injuries, however, others resulted in the loss of lives.

If you or a loved one sustained life-changing injuries directly caused by the negligent actions of another driver, our Fayetteville car accident lawyers can help. At Niblock Law Firm, we know the devastation and stress injured victims experience after being involved in a car wreck. Our team of passionate and determined attorneys can review your legal options and determine if you are eligible to receive compensation for what you endured.

Our firm has put together a vehicle accident report to inform local residents about some of the collisions that occurred in the month of January. We believe in educating the community about traffic accidents in order to raise awareness about the importance of safety behind the wheel.

19-Year-Old Driver Faces Negligent Homicide Charge and More

On January 16th, police were called about an accident on South 8th Street and West Price Lane. Andrew Scheffler, 19-years-old, was driving a 2006 Subaru WRX when he ran through a red light and hit 26-year-old, Lindsey Frame, who was driving a Pontiac.

Scheffler fled the scene of the accident on foot, however, the police were able to place him in custody.

Lindsey was pronounced dead once she arrived at the hospital. There were other people in the Pontiac who also suffered injuries, including 31-year-old, Joshua Frame, 39-year-old, Isidro Figureo, and a girl whose name and age is not mentioned.

David Whitloe, Rogers Battalion Fire Chief, stated, “Upon arrival, we had two vehicles, one was unoccupied, and the other vehicle had four people in it, and we had to extricate them and cut it apart to get them out.”

Scheffler is facing multiple charges including,  “negligent homicide, two counts of battery, leaving the scene of a fatality accident, breaking and entering, driving while intoxicated, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving on a suspended drivers license, and disobeying a traffic control device,” according to News Channel 5.

Motorcycle Accident Killed Local Resident

32-year-old, Timothy Cleveland, died at Washington Regional Hospital on January 5th after an accident. Cleveland was driving his motorcycle when he collided with a Jeep on West Wedington Road. When help arrived, Cleveland’s motorcycle was on fire. The passengers in the Jeep did not sustain any injuries.

Hit and Run Accident Injured a Student

A female student was hit by a white SUV at the intersection of Garland Avenue and Cleveland Street in Fayetteville. She suffered injuries to her leg.

State Trooper Suffered Injuries After Collision

32-year-old Cpl. Clayton McWilliams was involved in a single-vehicle crash that occurred on U.S. Highway 71 close to Wilton. McWilliams was leaving the scene of another accident when his car hydroplaned and hit a tree. The accident is believed to be caused by heavy rainfall. He suffered injuries.

Single-Vehicle Crash by Porter Road Exit

A rollover accident involving one vehicle occurred at the Porter Road exit and Interstate 49. The driver did not sustain injuries, however, the car was severely damaged.

Rear-End Accident Killed One Person

An accident occurred on North I-55 when “the vehicle swerved in an attempt to avoid hitting a Freightliner,” according to ABC 7. The driver of a 2017 Lexus rear-ended the Freightliner, killing 51-year-old, Kelli Kurth, a passenger in the Lexus.

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