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The experienced lawyers at The Niblock Law Firm want you to know about the most dangerous roads for Arkansas Drivers.

With heavily trafficked highways, unsafe road conditions, and poorly designed rural and city streets, Arkansas can be a danger zone for automobiles. In 2020 alone, 640 individuals died in Arkansas traffic crashes.

In the event that you have suffered injuries in a car accident, it is in your best interest to contact our car accident claim experts in Arkansas immediately. Let’s take a look at some of the most dangerous roads for Arkansas drivers and explore the impact a wreck on these roads can have.

Arkansas’s Deadliest and Most Dangerous Roads

While accidents are bound to happen on roads with high traffic or bad conditions, understanding where fatal or incapacitating car crashes typically occur can lead drivers to be more cautious when traveling on these roadways.


  • Highway 7 — Traveling nearly the entire length of Arkansas, this highway has many curves and steep hills. Multiple fatal crashes happen on this road, especially on the north side of Bismarck.
  • Highway 12 — This highway only stretches 57 miles long; however, it’s still one of Arkansas’s most dangerous roads mile-by-mile. Statistically, a deadly accident happens every 11.4 miles on this highway.
  • Highway 270 — This highway runs 156 miles from White Hall through Sheridan and Hot Springs. According to data from the NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration), deadly car accidents occur here every 13 miles.
  • Highway 167 — Beginning at Ash Flat and running through Batesville, this highway continues into Louisiana. In 2019 alone, 28 deadly motor vehicle crashes occurred on this highway.
  • Highway 67 — Intersecting with Highway 167 and stretching for 280 miles across Arkansas, this highway sees multiple injury accidents annually.
  • Highway 65 — Part of the Great River Road, this highway follows the Mississippi River. Over a dozen fatalities occur on this highway alone each year.


  • Interstate 40 — Stretching 285 miles from Tennessee through Little Rock and into Oklahoma, this interstate frequently has the most yearly fatalities. 
  • Interstate 30 — Statistically, a deadly crash happens on this interstate nearly every six miles. This interstate runs from Texas to Little Rock and passes through many cities.
  • Interstate 55 — This interstate travels 72 miles, connecting Tennessee to Missouri through Arkansas. This stretch of interstate is well-known for becoming quite dangerous in poor weather, which is common in Arkansas.

While it is always important to practice safe driving, being particularly observant and careful on these notoriously dangerous roads can mean the difference in life or death.

The Dangers of Arkansas Rural Roads 

Our team knows that many of the most dangerous roads in Arkansas are rural ones.

Miles of rural roads that stretch in all directions can be found in Arkansas. Unfortunately, many motor vehicle accidents occur on these rural roads, so much so that Arkansas has ranked among the “worst roads in America” by numerous publications over the last three decades.

Rural roads are more dangerous than freeways and interstates, sometimes having as many as three times more fatal car accidents than other types of roadways in Arkansas

Arkansas rural roads are dangerous for numerous reasons:

  • Potholes
  • Inclement weather
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Missing guardrails
  • Crumbling bridges and infrastructure
  • Train crossings
  • Animal crossings

Many rural roads in Arkansas also lack adequate safety features, such as wide shoulders and dividers. Fatigued or sleepy drivers can easily run off the road and into oncoming traffic as rural roads can be more lulling and require less action and attention than busier interstates or city streets.

Why You Need Legal Help After an Automobile Crash

Many people don’t realize how essential a car accident lawyer is after an automobile crash, especially when you’re injured as a direct result of another driver’s reckless or distracted actions. On top of trying to recover from the physical and emotional trauma of being in an accident, there are insurance companies to deal with, medical bills to pay, and paperwork to be filed. Having an experienced attorney you can count on in these stressful situations can be a lifesaver.

You might be entitled to receive compensation for your pain and suffering and other damages. While nothing can change what happened or bring a loved one back, receiving monetary assistance can take some of life’s pressures off your back. Only a knowledgeable attorney can review your case and help you hold the liable party financially liable.

A skilled Arkansas car accident attorney can ensure you’re not taken advantage of after an accident. Never underestimate the value of speaking with a lawyer after you’ve been injured in a car wreck. 

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