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Being involved in a car accident in Fayetteville is a scary experience no matter how minor it may be. When under that kind of stress regardless of the extent of your injuries, it can be tough to think through what to do in the aftermath. At the Niblock Law Firm, we want to make sure you’re prepared to do everything necessary to ensure you’re in the best position to get the compensation you deserve after being injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault. Learn what to do after a car accident, and discover how an experienced and reputable Fayetteville car accident lawyer can help.

1. Prioritize Safety

While it’s important to do what’s necessary to put together the strongest personal injury case possible after being hurt in a car accident, your own safety and the safety of others is always a priority. Make sure you’re okay first, then move onto your passengers if you have any. After everyone in your car is secure, you can check on the passengers in any other vehicles involved in the accident. Make sure you call appropriate medical services if anyone is seriously hurt.

2. Call the Police

Once everyone’s safety is secure, it’s time to call the police. They’ll do an inspection of the scene, gather evidence, and compile a report based on their findings. This will come in handy when it comes time to argue your case to an insurance company. You can always file a police report later, but the police actually gathering evidence themselves will be more helpful.

3. Gather Evidence

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After you’ve made all the necessary calls, it’s time to gather some evidence yourself if your injuries permit you to do so. Take pictures of the accident ideally before the vehicles involved are moved off the road. You’ll want to capture the orientation of the vehicles relative to one another in the immediate aftermath of the accident. Additionally, make sure you get some shots specifically focusing on any damage sustained by your vehicle and skid marks on the ground in relation to the vehicle that produced them. If there are any witnesses, you can take their statements in addition to their personal information.

4. Talk to the Other Driver(s) Involved

You’ll need to collect the insurance information of any other drivers involved in the accident. That includes their personal information such as their name, license number, and license plate. In terms of insurance, you’ll need the name of their carrier, their agent, and their agent’s number. Remember, you should not discuss responsibility for the accident at all. Even a friendly apology can be used against you as an admission of guilt. Never admit fault in any way. Make sure you don’t sign anything either unless requested by the police.

5. Call an Experienced Fayetteville Car Accident Lawyer

Once you’ve taken the most important steps after an accident, you’ll need to get in contact with a Fayetteville car accident lawyer. At Niblock Law Firm, we’re prepared to fight for your rights. Insurance companies will never give you the full compensation you deserve unless they’re legally forced to. Contact us today, and we’ll review your case at no charge. Take the first step to ensuring you’re in the best position to get the settlement that your case is worth.

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