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Our Arkansas Car Accident Lawyers Break Down Last Month’s Collisions

As the roads get busier during back-to-school season, accidents will happen more often. According to Safer-America, the risk of motor vehicle crashes is higher among 16-19-year-olds than any other age group. Our staff at Niblock Law Firm have put together a summary of accidents for the month of August to encourage drivers to use more caution behind the wheel.

If you have been injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you may benefit from speaking with an Arkansas car accident lawyer.

One Woman Dead After Crossing The Center Line

A woman lost her life after an accident on West Wedington Drive late Saturday night on Aug. 17. According to 5NEWS, Heather Patrick crossed the center lane and struck an older man. The man was taken to the Washington Regional Medical Center, and the woman was pronounced dead. The roads were dry at the time of the accident. The accident is still under police investigation.

A Man Died After Driving His Pickup Into a Ditch

Matt Hutchinson was driving his pickup on Highway 141 when he ran off the road and crossed County Road 4650. Hutchinson struck a ditch’s embankment where he was pinned for about 40 minutes before Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Brent firefighters, and Pafford EMS could free him.

He was transferred to Northeast Health Systems in Sallisaw where he was pronounced dead due to head injuries. The cause of this accident is still being investigated, according to 5NEWS.

Motorcycle Crash Leaves Man Dead

According to 5NEWS, Cody Easley was driving his motorcycle near Bozarth Cemetery Road when he struck a deer around noon. Easley was thrown from his bike upon impact. His injuries were fatal.

First Responders Jump Out of The Way of Hydroplaning Pickup

On Interstate 49, first responders were tending to a minor accident when a semi hit a pickup truck. The truck then hydroplaned toward the first responders, 5NEWS reported. According to the West Fork Police, the responders were lucky to not have sustained any injuries. Both of the accidents were caused by weather and motorists driving too fast in slick conditions. No drivers or passengers were injured in either accident.

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A Motorcyclist Hit a Dump Truck, Killing The Rider

A motorcycle accident blocked Wheeler Avenue Aug. 9 around 7:40 am., 5NEWS reported. The motorcycle hit a dump truck pulling out of a worksite. The backup from the accident was so bad, drivers were urged to avoid the area and find a different route.

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We hope this review of August’s car accidents urges motorists to drive safely going forward. While safety should be implemented behind the wheel, our team understands that accidents can still happen. If you have been injured in a vehicle collision that was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation.

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